Shikun Lamed, Tel Aviv Apartment
2008  |   Sharon Bar Or

Small common apartment converted by the designer Sharon Bar Or, to spacious elegant living space. The area was cleverly redivided, elegant furniture and accessories were used to create welcoming homey feeling. In the living room Nohit-Soft indirect light was used, simple elegant design. The home office got Museon-Strong indirect flood light, to get full non eye blinding work light. Indirect up light was also used in the bathroom–Noah, good full light for make up and shaving especially when the light is located in front of the user above the mirror. A humorous twist in the bedroom, Flower lamp at each side of the bad, add warmth and fun. The entrance hall sum up the concept of the house, 2 vertical Nohit wall fixtures, combined with 2 retro glass pedants, elegance, fun, and warmth living together.


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